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Volta Montana


Our project started to take shape once our friends from outside Galicia would come visit our land. They had it complicated if what they wanted to visit was not included among the top and most famous turistic destinations, such as Santiago’s Cathedral, Cathedral’s beach, Finisterre, eating oysters at ‘El mercado de A Pedra’ in Vigo or visiting Lugo’s wall.

Galicia means much more and we know it well. What we intend to offer our friends, is a more realistic and authentic view of Galicia and its people.

Due to all of this, we took the decision of spending some time with our friends of ‘We hate tourism tours” in Lisbon. These folks truly know what it means to show the essence of your home place. Therefore, we went and learnt from the best.

Once back in Galicia, we made our mind up, and turned our dreams into reality by founding VOLTA MONTANA. Volta Montana is a project intended to show everyone the real Galicia, by discovering its forest and beaches, its lighthouses and unique gastronomy, travelling through vineyards and thermal springs, cliffs and sandy areas, and tasting delicious wines and cheese. To sum up, to be a Galician for one day.

How do we make it happen

We will pick you up at your city, and take you to the beach or to the mountain. We spend the day either hiking, cycling or sailing and visiting the most spectaculars and unique places of the Green Galicia.

You have the possibility of walking all of our tours, but we have prepared cycling tours to keep you active. Rest assured, you wont run out of energy, as we will stop at one cellar to grab a bite, go picnic at the beach or forest, or in a traditional tavern. All to keep you full of energy while trying our galician delicacies.

We have several tours ready for you, however, if you have a different place in mind you wish to discover, just make us know and we will try to adapt one tour to accomodate what you have in mind. Never forget, we are galicians and know this land by heart.

By the way! Our vans are 9 seaters, which means that is the max size per group we can take. Be sure that you will not be surrounded by herds of japanese taking the same pics you are taking! You are going to enjoy SILENCE.

And who we are?


Cristina, Cristina, bachelor in Turism and Master degree in Comunication. Spent the last years working in several comunication and turism projects, along with her laptop at the beaches of Chile or Thailand. Until one day she realized her place was in rural Galicia. Good music, wine and bike rides throughout galician cliffs are among her passions.

Pablo, topographer by profession but traveller and photographer in his heart. Has spent the last 5 years in Lisbon, witnessing its turism flourishing. The day he got tired of seeing tuc-tucs and thousnds of tourist taking pics of the very same Tram 28, he decided to return to Ourense. Inveterate dreamer, instagramer and BTT lover. .

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