Lower River Miño Tour

Galicia – Portugal


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Lower River Miño | Galicia- North of Portugal

On this cross-bordering route along the Lower Miño river, we will explore the villas and ancient defensive fortresses scattered across the oldest dated European frontier, the one separating Portugal and Spain, by the Miño River

Our first stop will be the historical villa of Tui. Walking through its cobbled medieval streets, we will visit one of the most famous Cathedrals in Galicia and will get to know first-hand this unique villa well known as the initial point of the Portuguese pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela – the Way of St. James. Tasting the delicious pastries from the Poor Clare´s Convent will complete the visit of Tui.

Crossing the border on foot, by the International Bridge, we will arrive at Valença do Minho, a Portuguese villa which links together with Tui forming the “Eurocity”. Even though they have gone through periods of hostility in the past, being a good testimony of these times, the massive defensive fortress rising in Valença right opposite to its mirror town of Tui. We will visit the old town centre of Valença and have the opportunity of tasting and buying a fine Porto wine.

From Valença do Minho we will be heading to Vilanova Da Cerveira, stopping for a hike by the Miño riverside, using the Eco-path. A really nice walk connecting both villas and of course, a perfect place to have a rest and charge batteries with our “world famous picnic” 

After visiting the historical old town at Vilanova da Cerveira, we will board the ferry boat, our van included! And back to the Spanish side, by boat this time, reaching the villa of “A Guarda” on the Spanish side. And off we go!

In A Guarda, we will climb up to the ancient fortification located in Santa Tegra, dated from the Iron Age, known as one of the most populated at that time, with more than 3,000 inhabitants. The stunning views on the Rías, the Miño Estuary and the north of Portugal from the top of the mountain at Santa Trega…  are just something else!

After such a day, we will make our way back home with the unforgettable experience of having felt the spirit and essence of the oldest border in Europe.


Visits Included

  • Medieval villa of Tui (Galicia SP)

  • Valença do Minho (Portugal), its fortress and old town centre

  • Hike along the Miño Riverside (Portugal)

  • Vilanova da Cerveira (Portugal)

  • Cross back to Spain on the ferry boat to A Guarda (Galicia)

  • Santa Tegra ancient fortification in A Guarda (Galicia)


  • Tour Features: Route in an 8 seats van. Trekking/Hikking route and cross-border ferry boat by the Miño River.
  • Dificulty: Low
  • Duration: From 9am to 7pm approximately
  • Includes: Insurance, transfer from pickup point in towin to destination and return, trekking route, private guide, our famous picnic and ferry boat fee to cross the Miño River.
  • Not included: Meals and beverages besides our picnic


  • Departures from: Vigo, Santiago de Compostela,  Orense and Tui.
  • Rates from Vigo: 55€/per person
  • Rates from Santiago and Orense: 70€/per person
  • Rates from Tui: 50€/per person
  • Requires a minimum of 4 participants
  • Group discount rates
  • For alternative points of departure, please check with us
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Pablo Conde


Pablo Conde es guía oficial de Galicia, guía TD2 de media montaña, guía del Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas, y guía de kayak. Es quien nos acompaña en la mayoría de nuestras rutas. Guía y topógrafo de profesión y fotógrafo de pasión, Pablo conoce con detalle kilómetro a kilómetro de cada una de las rutas que organizamos, y nos irá contando aquello que nos encontremos, con su particular encanto.

Cristina collazo


Cristina es guía oficial de Galicia, técnico deportivo en actividades en la naturaleza y guía del Parque Nacional Marítimo-Terrestre das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia. Junto con Pablo crea Volta Montana, y es la encargada de programar los planes que Volta te propone cada mes. Con ella podrás visitar lugares como las islas del Parque Nacional, las Sisargas, y rutas que nos hablan sobre historias vividas y etnografía. Le encanta el mar, y siempre te pondrá buena música cuando te lleve de ruta.