Cies Islands

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Cies Islands Photo Tour

From 55€ per person


Atlantic Volta

During this photografic route around Cies islands, we will encounter the beauty of these island from its main view points, however if you get tired, do not be concerned as we will stop and recharge energy galician style.

Departures from Vigo, Ourense and Santiago, we will drive you to the Sea Pier in Vigo, from where we will depart direction Monteagudo island. Once there, our short route will commence, until the peak Alto del Principe, from where we will enjoy one of the best views of the island and its cliffs, the lagoon and El Morrazo region.

For the whole route, our guide will explain the history of the island, and will comment on its spectacular flora and fauna, and sometimes unique, in this small galician corner. Moreover, our photographer will suggest and explain ways how to improve your technique, and get the most of your scenery, flowers, birds, etc. photographies.

After the first route has been walked, we can either stop at the beach or forest to have a galician picnic, to recharge one more time. Later on, we will resume our hike, walking pass the well know Playa de Rodas (beach of Rodas) and going up through the massive cliffs in order to reach the lighthouse Faro de Cies.

Places to visit:

  • Monteagudo Island close to the most famous beach in the world, Rodas beach, regarding to The Guardian
  • Alto do Príncipe walking tour 1h duration
  • Beach Playa de los Alemanes 
  • Rodas beach and  the small lake Lagoa dos Nenos
  • Montefaro Island 
  • Lighthouse Faro de Cíes from when enjoying amazing views to the island and Ria of Vigo.


  • Tour Type: Boat to reach Cies Islands. Hiking route
  • Difficulty: Medium-low
  • Duration: From 9 am, to 7 pm approx.
  • Includes: Insurance, transportation from city to destination and back, hiking routes, guide-photographer and picnic.
  • Do not include: Boat trip to Cies (16€ approx. return), other meals and drinks.

If interested, we also provide the oportunity to sail to Cies, let us know and we will quote it for you.


  • Departing from: Vigo, Ourense and Santiago de Compostela
  • Fee from Ourense and Santiago: 70€/per person
  • Fee from Vigo: 55€/per person
  • Minimum group: 4 people.
  • Reduced fee for groups
  • Other pick up location, please, check it out with us.



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